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Family/Divorce Law

We help our clients with a full range of Family Law issues. 

We provide representation for:

  • Divorce
  • Separation Agreements 
  • Child Custody, Visitation and Support 
  • Spousal Maintenance 
  • Modification of Previous Orders and Awards 
  • Prenuptial/Premarital Agreements 
  • Paternity 
  • Restraining and Protective Orders 

We believe that all of these matters should be handled quickly, painlessly, and economically. 

Real Estate Transactions

Our firm performs real estate transactional work for a number of mortgage lenders, title companies, builders, real estate brokers, and private individuals. We assist with the purchase and sale of real estate, including negotiating and drafting purchase agreements and other documents, ensuring the good title, and closings. We also assist our clients with the legal aspects of financing, re-financing, and foreclosures. 


We will pursue judgments and executions against those who have failed to pay their obligations. 


These topics are not only of interest to the elderly. They are part of a responsible way of life for all adults. Couples, parents, business partners, and real estate owners realize they owe it to those who will survive them to make arrangements for a seamless transition of assets and for potential future guardianship for their children in the event that their minor children should be left without parents. These arrangements may include drafting a will, a living will, a health care proxy and a power of attorney.

Death, physical incapacitation, or the inability to handle one’s own affairs can come suddenly and unexpectedly to anyone through serious accidents, violent assaults, or kidnappings. Persons preparing to go overseas for military duty to understand the importance of preparing life insurance, trusts, and other documents to provide for their loved ones “in case.” As painful as it can be to contemplate personal disasters, it is also important to face the reality of the difficulties that people involved in our business and family partnership agreements could face if we fail to plan ahead thoughtfully.